Let's Burn Down a Castle

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You absent-mindedly wipe sweat from your brow, smearing debris from your gritty hand. You attempt to remove the debris with your bare shoulder - it's too hot to be wearing a shirt - to no avail, before shrugging off the dirt and returning to harvesting cabbages.

You are a humble peasant living alone on your own small farm in the foothills southeast of the port of Danzig. You are unsure what year it is, but you speculate that less than a decade has passed since King Sobieski died in 1696. You have long been content with your simple existance, enduring difficult labors such as yours today in order to maintain a stable livelihood. Recently, however, you have had to redouble your efforts to feed yourself: your sheep went missing last week. This is but one loss incurred by your hamlet, which has been subjected to numerous disasters as of late. Your neighbors have become markedly edgy and paranoid.

As it is beginning to become too dark to continue your work, you hear a crier in the distance, urging the townspeople to assemble at the church.

Note that the hamlet is too impoverished to afford a proper town hall.

Do you:

Health Fatigued Equipment:

Pants, hand-rake, half bag of cabbages

Property Damage Inflicted $0
Blood 12 pints

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