Lessons in Lust

From Create Your Own Story

Here I am, kissing a man I barely know. His tongue parts my lips, and I feel his body shivering with desire.

Desire. My lessons have taught me how to master it. How to trigger it. How to surrender to it. And most importantly, how to drive a man wild with it.

With one last, lingering kiss, he leaves the room to get ready... and my anxiety returns

What have I gotten myself into? Can a miracle get me out of this? Will I have the courage to betray him?

And just as I think that I hear him shout: "What the hell?!"

I brace myself as he rushes towards me.

Has he found out the truth?

I close my eyes, unable to face him, and I hear his accusation... "You were lying to me, weren't you?"

A few weeks earlier, as I was going through my mail...

Can't these people give me a break?! I know I'm behind on the mortgage, but I'm working on it. I can't lose my home...

The sound of the doorbell interrupts my thoughts, and I open the door to greet my best friend. She gives me a quick hug and rushes in, talking as fast as she's walking. "Hey! Sorry for dropping by unannounced. How about a girls' night out? I broke up with Clyde. Again." says Brie.

"Damn. Sorry to hear that." I reply.

Brie goes on, "Ah, you know. Same old, same old... But you can see why I really need to let loose tonight. My thirtieth birthday is in a month, and I'll be single. That sucks. So help me find a guy."

"Sure, if I can. What did you have in mind for tonight?" I ask.

"Want to go to Aphrodite?" replies Brie.

Aphrodite? I've heard of it, but I don't know much about the place.

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