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Welcome to the world of Lesbiana, a land that until recently was full of magic, unfortunately, the magic faded from the world a few years ago and the people must now live without it. This land is ruled by Queen Courtney Allura and her kingdom. Lesbiana is home to three species: the humans are the people who inhabit the Allura kingdom, the elves are a fair-skinned race who live in the wilderness and must be personally invited by the queen herself to be able to live in the kingdom and the succubi are the maidens of the goddess of the land, Lilith, succubi are rarely seen and are told to be a race of great beauty, it is said the inhabit an entirely different plain of existence know as a 'Den'.

What's strangest of all about Lesbiana is that it is inhabited by only females, instead of having sex to bear children, like in our world, a woman will pray to Lilith for the gift of a child.

Before your adventure begins you must decide which role to play:

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