Lesbian Kidnapping

From Create Your Own Story

You are a 34 year old dyke that has just struck out at the local lesbian club. It isn't that there aren't any prospects, just no knew prospects. You are in the mood for fresh meat, and there is no fresh meat to be found.

Pissed off at the world, you start to walk to your car. You are parked off the street, rather than the club parking lot just by chance. You couldn't find a spot anywhere. You had earlier cursed your luck, but things are starting to look up for you. You glance in your purse to make sure the chloroform and rag are in there and ready to go. You have come across a few willing toys that let you use chloroform on them, so you can have your way with them while passed out. This means you never leave home without it.

The reason your luck is about to change is you see someone standing by your car that makes a tempting target. You have never thought of kidnapping anyone before, but there is a first time for everything. You put chloroform on the rag and put it over the mouth of your unsuspecting victim.

Your victim is:

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