Lesbian Blackmail

From Create Your Own Story

You are 17 years old and have long blond hair and blue eyes. Your entire body is firm from working out, including your ass. You know a lot of guys like a little junk in the trunk, but it isn't guys you are interested in. Your tits are small, a B cup, but you don't mind. Your pussy is kept well trimmed, when you don't shave it entirely.

You have been having dreams about a certain someone, and can't get that person out of your mind. You have tried everything, but the dreams keep coming. You are a lesbian, so it is not surprising that the person in question is of the female persuasion. The problem is with how the person is.

You have tried to fantasize about other girls and women, but it is no use. Whenever you try to pleasure yourself, the same person keeps interrupting. You would like to think that the interruption of their image into your fantasy is enough, but it isn't. You are becoming obsessed.

You have been dreaming about your:

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