Legend of Zelda: XXX Edition

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Read the Lore if you haven't played Hyrule Warriors

It had been a year. A year since the Great War. The war that changed the world, that spanned dimensions. The war in which Link, yourself, rose as the Hero. The war caused by a love...and a lust for Link.

As Link laid on his bunk in his quarters, he reflected on the past. After the War, things never truly went back to normal. Being the reincarnated hero, Link was in charge of all major threats to Hyrule. It kept him pretty busy. To add to it, his closest friends were all separated from him. Impa and Zelda were constantly in the upper workings of the government, only some of which he was allowed to be part of. In their sparse free time they would spend time together, but for Link, who was much less busy, it seemed like a very small amount of time. Of course, his other allies had gone back into their own dimensions, which were all closed off now. Only one person, Link's final friend, could open them. Lana. No one had heard much from her since the War. After the battling, she went back to the Temple of Souls to set things in order, and she had remained every since then. However, she wasn't completely recluse. Every month she would send a letter to two people; Zelda and Link. Usually just reporting and friendly greetings, it was a pleasant reminder of a friend.

Links thoughts gradually drifted out of the past and into the future. His future. Link was currently 18, he had many years of service and adventuring left in his time. But he knew one day, should he survive it all, he would settle down. The question was...with who? He obviously had two choices. First was Princess Zelda. While she wasn't always available for Link, they had a bond. Their very souls were tied together with destiny. Link knew that they could be happy together...but still...Lana. Link, and everyone else, knew of Lana's feelings for Link. Link had developed a close friendship with her, but whether that bond was something more would require more time together. So here he was, deciding between two beautiful young women. If only he knew if was so much more complicated than two.

Link was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts by a jarring sensation. He felt like he was being pulled in dozens of directions at once.

"What's going on?"


Lana rushed down the halls of the Temple, still shocked by the powerful tugging sensation she had felt only moments ago. More disturbing, however, was what she has seen on her Soul Mirror. If she saw what she thought she saw...

She rounded a final corner and came to a sealed room, sealed by light, that no darkness by enter or leave. She stepped in. "Cia, what did you do?"

Cia grinned mischievously in her fancy dress, sitting on a stone slab in her cell. "Why hello Sis. Nice of you to visit. It was getting dreadfully boring. I, however, have fixed that. You let your guard slip up, and I took my chance. Get ready for some real fun!"

Lana was beginning to worry. Had Cia summoned some monster? No, that wouldn't explain the Souls... "Cia, what is it?"

Cia sighed in boredom. "Well, if you must know, I simple Bonded yours and Link's Souls. You always said how his and Zelda's were bonded so you couldn't have him, but now you can. His Soul is tied to yours, as yours is to his. That pulling sensation? He feels it to, to you. Consider it a gift. Ooh, and even better, the only way to restore your soul is through a...sexual act. I'm sure the hero will oblige. After all, you won't do well too long without a soul."

Lana had to admit she had always wanted Link, but not like this. She gasped and pulled up a Soul Mirror, looking into it. She understood what happened now. She paced back and forth, frustrated. "Oh...Cia! You let the magic get out of control again! Instead of binding mine and Link's souls, you bonded Link's soul to EVERY FEMALE HE EVERY MET! And not just in this life...in all of them. All over, being tied to Link...and Link is being pulled to all of them...and to save them he has to..."

Cia leaned forward. "Oh, this WILL be interesting."


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