Legend of Zelda: Mirror of Souls

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Hyrule Warriors Dimension: Three Years Following the Great War

Lana sat in the Temple of Souls, as usual, alone. Years had since passed since Lana had banded with Link and the other forces of light to stop Cia and the other rising Darkness throughout all the dimensions, and since, nothing of importance had happened. Zelda returned to being princess, ruling the kingdom justly. Unknown to most people, she still donned her guise of Sheik occasionally to adventure with Link, who had become her personal knight, superb of all the rest. While the Master Sword may lay dormant for now, Link still wielded his own sword as proficiently, constantly growing with training and more fighting with various forces that opposed Hyrule's peace. The two were a powerful forces, either as princess and faithful knight, or partners fighting on the battlefield. Lana had to admit she felt a small twinge of jealousy that the two remained closer than she could ever truly be with Link. However, it wasn't all bad, as Link still made time to visit her when he could. At first, it was a little awkward as her desire for him was revealed, but over time the two grew closer, though Lana kept herself from hoping too much.

Lana jerked out of her thoughts as she realized the had no been paying attention to the Mirror of Souls. She continued to use it to ensure the dimensions didn't collide again, and the crucial souls stayed unmolested for the most part. Frequently, she had to keep the Mirror centered on Link's various adventures, as any change to any of these could potentially destroy Hyrule in any or all dimensions, now that they all shared connections. As she looked at one such moment, she noticed something. Cia, in her time in possession of the Soul Mirror, seemed to make some changes to the timeline. These changes seemed to be minimal enough to keep history intact but...certainly it wasn't nothing. Scanning Link's soul quickly, Lana found the cause. Link, in previous times, had remained pure from women's influence. However, with Cia's adjustment...times had changed, and surely Link's...experiences with it. Lana, intrigued, decided it may be best to leave it as it is for now and observe before trying to fix it.

First, she looked into the...

Twilight Hyrule

Ancient Hyrule

Skyloft Realm

Great Calamity Hyrule

Actually, she leaves the mirror to investigate her own dimension

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