Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Calamity Hyrule...

A Hyrule ruled by fear. A Hyrule where the kingdom is shattered, and the people scattered. Communities are isolated and solitary, each having to fend for itself. Centerpiece to the kingdom is Hyrule Castle...or what is left, as Calamity Ganon swarms over the castle turrets and walls, roaring as he tests the barriers. In the wilderness are the Guardians, once protectors of Hyrule, now feared menaces that hunt the unwary with deadly force. Scattered not only by distance but by race are the four Divine Creatures, beasts that once fought under the Champions of Hyrule to defeat Ganon...or so was the plan 100 years ago. No one guessed Ganon would be able to take control of the beasts. And no one guessed that Hyrule's loved heroes would each fall, 4 disappearing into the beasts, the princess' knight trapped in a healing slumber, and the princess herself sealed with Ganon in the castle.

As dark and dismal this setting may seem, there is in fact hope. For the swordsman, the knight, was not dead. He would one day rise again to fight against Ganon and seal him away using the power of courage and light from within. Until then, the people of the kingdom only had to hold out, waiting for their salvation.

This is where the story...your story...begins.

Where do you pick up?

Part One: The War Begins at the awakening of Link, continues through his journey to defeat Ganon and save Hyrule once more. Focuses on regaining his memory, traveling the lands for the first time, and meeting people.

Part Two: The Aftermath After the defeat of Ganon, Link's work is hardly done. With Zelda's help, he must rebuild the kingdom and continue helping those in need. Focuses on stories not told in the game and based around relationships formed in Part One.

Hyrule Compendium Database of stories and memories set in this time period. Contains both memories that can be found Part One, and random one shots that ar enot contained in either story.

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