Last Virgin Standing

From Create Your Own Story

Hello and welcome to Last Virgin Standing, the game show where one girl wins big and everyone else is fucked. You're one of our new contestants, so let me explain the rules.

You and nine other virgin girls will be released on a private island with a ten minute head start. Then a number of horny men will begin to chase after you and hunt you down. If they catch you, they'll have their way with you, and you'll lose the game. If you manage to survive until every other contestant has been eliminated, you win and will be awarded 50 million dollars.

While the game goes on, our lovely audience will have the opportunity to place bids on any of our contestants they desire. When a contestant is eliminated, the bidding for her stops and our unlucky loser is sold to the highest bidder to become their permanent sex slave.

So, will you be going home a virgin millionaire our will you be packed up to spend the rest of your life as someone's sexual plaything? We'll find out soon, but first, tell us about yourself. What's your background?

Rising star athlete

Music idol

Simple Country girl

CEO's daughter

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