Last Minute Halloween

From Create Your Own Story

You're an 18 years old male high school senior named Ashley, you normally don't go into halloween but a girl you like named Jill said she was going to this hawlloween party and that it would be cool to see you there. However the party is tonight and you have no costume what so ever. So you're first need to find a costume to wear at the last minute.

You arrive at the mall and head to the costume shop, however all the male costume in your size are sold out. You are about to leave a little disappointed when a store assisant walks up and smile. "Oh, you can't find anything in your size in the male section." You shake your head as she smiles at you. "Well, since this is Halloween, why don't you check out the female section. I am sure that there a lot of costume that will fit you well there."

That could be true, you have been confused to being a girl a number of times both with your name as well as how slim you look with long hair. You know that you could pull it off without looking stupid but do you really want to go out in a girl costume, isn't that kinda gay even if you are doing it to try to get the girl you like.

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