Last Hope

From Create Your Own Story

The continent of Okais is the largest of its kind in the world of Taihari. It's filled with lush, beautiful forests, dry and expansive deserts, humongous mountain ranges, as well as various other landscapes and climates. From the freezing, snow dominated reaches of the far north, to the tropical paradises in the south west, this sprawling continent has over thousands of years been divided up into dozens of kingdoms, empires and city-states; each of them occasionally warring over common, trivial matters, unaware that the true threat is looming ominously upon the horizon...

Ravinzur, the betrayed, who was stripped of its godhood by its brethren has at last broken free from the Bindings of Zenith, the last of the gods chosen, who imprisoned it many millennia ago. First it plans to take the world for its own, denying the gods the precious belief that gives them strength, rendering them helpless to stop Ravinzur.

The story begins in the small kingdom of Ciwen, yet from there it is you who will affect the rest of the tale. You must stop the darkness before it is too late, yet be careful, as any decision could be the difference of success and the downfall of your world...


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