Lara Croft: The Untold Tales

From Create Your Own Story

You are Lara Croft, a 24 year old experienced tomb raider. Born in an aristocratic family, money means little to you compared to unique artifacts. Since you were a teen, you have trained in countless martial arts and 2 years in gymnastics, making you a deadly and agile fighting machine. Your body is well suited for your slender 5'9 frame consisting of 135 pounds of lean muscle. Your firm 36 triple K breasts bulge out of your low cut turquoise sleeveless top, displaying a generous amount of cleavage. It was just shy of Sheyla Hershey's 38 triple K who currently held the world record. Accompanying it is your round, toned ass from years of training. Men often gawk at you in appreciation of your sexy lithe body.

Today you are bored. You just got back from a 3 month expedition in Peru to find the Ring of Wealth a week ago. Retrieving it was no easy task, but the search was long and dangerous. With a sigh, you slip out of your bed and enter your office, still in your night gown. Inside your personal office is your computer, library, various equipment, and an open view of the manor's garden through your window.

"Hey Lara, how you doing?" Zip, your right hand man stroll's through the door and tosses 4 stacks of paper onto your desk. If there's anyone you can trust, it's him. Without his aid you wouldn't of retrieved half of the artifacts sitting on pedestals in your office. Through his olive drab t-shirt, you can see 300 pounds of thick muscle carved into his black skin. His 6'6 height adds to his intimidating features. 12 years of military experience has made him quite the expert in combat and fighting.

"Nothing much, just enjoying some peace and quiet for once", You yawn as you press the intercom "Winston can you bring me a cup of coffee?". "Yes m'lady, I'll be there shortly", he replies.

"We got 4 clients who are willing to pay a hefty price for these artifacts. We need to get started right away if we want to get it to them on time.". Zip stood behind you and waited for your response

Do You:

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