Lady of Desire

From Create Your Own Story

Kyle takes your hand and kisses you on the lips softly, his warm, strong hand on your back, pulling you into the kiss. Sparks dance behind your eyelids as you savor the moment, kissing him back. Kyle has been a forbidden fruit for you for too long, and now at last you have your chance with him. You run your hands along his body, feeling his strong arms, his toned chest and abdomen, his well muscled back as he continues to kiss you more and more passionately. He reaches a hand up your shirt, and you lean into his touch, giving him easy access to your little breasts. He spends a little time feeling them through your bra, then breaks the kiss and pulls your shirt off over your head, revealing your cute little black bra. He smirks, and you step back and unclasp the bra behind your back, tossing it to the side and giving Kyle a chance to get a look at your bare chest. He whistles in appreciation, and then pulls off his own shirt.

God, is he hot! His muscles are perfect; not too defined, yet clearly well toned. He kisses your neck, your chest, and your breasts, and you gasp in delight. As he licks and sucks one of your nipples, he reaches a hand down the front of your pants and rubs the front of your panties. He really knows what he's doing down there, and you stroke the hardening front of his pants as he slips a finger around your panties and plays with your clit. Pleasure starts to wash through you as he does his thing, and pretty soon you're tugging eagerly at your pants. Kyle takes his hand out momentarily to pull your jeans straight down to the floor, and then his own follow suit. You can see the massive bulge through his boxer briefs, and feel yourself getting wetter.

Kyle sits on your bed and you sit next to him, still kissing each other with every movement. You slide your fingers under the band of Kyle's underwear and grip his dick, giving it a little squeeze as Kyle pulls off your panties. He groans as you begin to stroke, and soon pulls off his own underwear. Kyle stands, and lays you on your back, spreading your legs with his arms and taking aim with his huge rod. You nod your assent, ready to finally have him filling you up, and Kyle smiles at you. He thrusts forward slowly, using his hand to guide his aim. The head of his cock parts your pussy lips, and he hesitates for just a moment, and then...

And then?

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