Lady Van Helsing

From Create Your Own Story

You are Anastasia Van Helsing, beautiful, voluponous daughter of legendary killer of monsters Abraham Van Helsing. Despite being a loving father he was also a driven man; driven to wipe any and all of Satan's power from the face of the earth. Thus he trained you to carry on his legacy, teaching you everything you know about the sword, the axe, and the vampire stake. Now he is dead and you alone stand against the forces of darkness...

You sit alone in the library at Van Helsing manor. You are dressed only in a comfortable robe, your muscular and ample body lightly coated with hot sweat, having just finished your battle training for the evening. You stare pensively into the night, watching the chill wind whip the autumn leaves in the trees.

Your butler Dawkins walks in with his signature silence and holds a silver tray out to you. On it lays a small telegram...why did it come at such a late hour?

Note: I encourage editing on Lady Van Helsing but please before proceeding please refer to the Codex Van Helsing for the guidelines to doing so. Thank you. - The Hand

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