Lady Knight

From Create Your Own Story

A familiar sound of clanking metal rouses you from your slumber. Your mind is foggy as you try to awaken. In a few moments you hear light whispering, more clanking and neighing of a horse. You blink a few times and rub your eyes to rid yourself of your drowsiness. The urge to sleep more is difficult to resist but you push off and groan as you stretch. Your bedding may have been soft but the ground was not.

You look across your camp and immediately see the somethings that were not there last night. Three leather clad people wearing dark hoods and armed with knives were stealing your belongings. Alarmed you pick up your sword still resting in its sheath next to your bed roll.

"Thieves" you yell grabbing your sword. The brigands freeze at your shout and the fact that a naked woman was charging at them but upon seeing your sword they run. The three of them drop whatever they were holding and each jump onto one of the horses resting short distance from your camp. The steeds take off with a fury leaving only dust behind them.

Signing you sheath your sword and take account of what you have left.


Thankfully the thieves didn't get your shield bearing the family coat of arms. Your father would have been pissed if you lost it. Nor the small iron box containing your personal items, gifts from your friends. A beautiful iron ring engraved with a magic sigil designed to given to you from the court mage, he said it was suppose to protect you from dangers mundane and magical but so far you haven't encountered anyone with the skills or the power to best you. Then there's the small golden mirror you received on the day of your knighting, a gift from your friend the princess.

Unfortunately, two of the three small sacks containing your gold are missing, with them most of your rations, almost all article of clothing and some pieces of your armor are gone too. Cursing to yourself you get dressed in what clothing and armor you have left.

You sigh looking at yourself. Dressed in a mismatch of armor and leather. A gleaming silver chest piece that covers only your large boobs while half your body is bare and the other barely clothed or armored. With two short leggings that extend to your knees and only a flippy skirt to cover your panties. You hardly look like a knight and more of a courtesan dressing up for a perverted nobles fantasies. Damn thieves

What to do now ? You can hardly go to the Capital looking like this, the shame of it would kill you but you can hardly delay, the princess is waiting for you and it would be an insult to your honor to make her wait any longer. Perhaps you should return to your father's castle and get new equipment or maybe you can go to a nearby town and try to get new clothing over there. Of course you could try to track down the thieves that stole your equipment in the first place.


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