From Create Your Own Story

You are blinded by the sunlight, as you are roughly dragged out of the underground prison that had been you home for the past 3 years. The chained collar digs into your neck, as a guard pulls you along. A second guard, brandishing a whip walks behind you, striking you whenever you walk too slow, your cries muffled by the gag shoved in your mouth. Eventually, you reach a large courtyard, with two raised seating platforms to your left and right, as well as a set of large golden doors, laid in a massive stone wall.

From a podium in the centre, a man acknowledges your arrival, and begins the speech;

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to the 125th annual Labyrinth Games! Who will survive, and be crowned the Champion of the Maze? Who has the strength and tenacity to be rewarded with freedom, riches and fame!?" (The herald continues on for some time, however you soon stop paying attention altogether, with them rambling on about the history of the event)

Looking around, you see around 25 other prisoners, all of which, like yourself, have collars round their necks, gags in their mouths, and an expression that shows how deeply fascinating the subject of which the herald is currently droning.

You look up as the speaker announces "let the games begin!" What are you?

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