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Welcome to Kinkfinity! Before we begin, a word of warning. This story can, and will, get kinky very quickly. Here's a short list of what it contains.

  • Futanari (Girls with penises)
  • Watersports (Full bladders, wetting, peeing, etc)
  • Public nudity (Includes wardrobe malfunctions)
  • Light bondage (Mainly ropes)
  • LOADS AND LOADS OF SEMEN (This includes cum inflation. Expect this to come hand-in-hand with Futanari)
  • Urethral insertion
  • Impregnation (A relatively plausible outcome, most common if you follow Gwen's line)
  • Anthros
  • Mild vaginal/anal prolapsing (More vaginal than anal)
  • Robot girls
  • Macro/micro
  • Transformations/shapeshifting
  • Hyper breasts, nipples, asses, thighs, bellies, pregnancies, pee, bladders, testicles, milk, and a couple more
  • Traps/femboys
  • A metric fuckton of dicks
  • Monster girls and other odd things

Before adding anything, check the Editing Guide. To be allowed to edit, check the Authorship page.

A lot of the story takes place at a school, but not all of it. Now, who do you want to be?

Kiki, a party girl

Maylee, a shy futa

Gwen, the kinky girl with close-knit friends

or Jenifer, the serious studier with an iron bladder?

Or, how about minor lines?

Maylee's Mother (advised to go through the Maylee-sleeping-in line first, at least partially)

Xor, a female goblin

Lucia, a seven-eighths high omnibus one-eighth goblin

Rubrae, a young elf futa

Character sheets:

Kinkfinity/Character Sheet/Kiki

Kinkfinity/Character Sheet/Maylee

Kinkfinity/Character Sheet/Gwen

Kinkfinity/Character Sheet/Jenifer

Out-of-story resources that still apply to the story to some extent:

Kinkfinity/Author Commentary






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