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<td bgcolor="#OOFOO" valign="top" width="8%"> Status
</td><td bgcolor="#DDFDD" valign="top" width="8%"> Naked and Horny
</td><td bgcolor="#GGFGG" valign="top" width="84%" rowspan="3"> Equipment:
<td bgcolor="#OOFOO" valign="top"> Abilities
</td><td bgcolor="#DDFDD" valign="top"> N/A
<td bgcolor="#OOFOO" valign="top"> Chapter
</td><td bgcolor="#DDFDD" valign="top"> Prologue

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Race information for editors

A light comes into view. In a deep, aged, and wise tone it speaks to you. "My son, if you are awake it means I have passed. I am Emperor Rezinalt of the Grand Empire. A few years ago I realized that my time was coming to a close, and with my passing, I knew that there would be turmoil and trouble stirring in my kingdom. Long ago, the kingdom was ruled by eight rulers, each one unique and powerful in their own right. They each owned a mystical item which gave immense power to it's wielder. When my ancient ancestor, one of the eight rulers, took over the kingdoms, he stole all the items and used them himself, passing them down to each rightful heir. After my death however, since my sons cannot decide on who shall be the heir to the throne, the items will disperse themselves, and I am sure not just my sons, but many people throughout the land will hunt for these treasures. There is only one way to stop war from breaking out, and although I could have done it in life, I will not be around to fix this issue."

"Thus I created you," Rezinalt explained, "to restore order. You are a unique being which I created from the very earth itself. My court had decided to call you a homunculus, but I personally refer to you as my son. I crafted you from the finest materials and emblazoned and empowered you with the finest magics in all the land to prepare you for my death date. What is your purpose you may ask? I require you to have sex with the descendants of the eight former rulers. Though this may seem odd, it is the only way for you to bring peace to the land once again. Using a special magic spell, I have given you an incredible ability to awaken people's 'sex seals.' There are many different effects a sex seal can have, but I'll let you learn about them as you go on your adventure. What you need to know is that when a person reaches sexual climax due to your effect, their sex seal will break. The reason behind your need to fuck the descendants of the eight is that upon breaking their seal, the item of their family will recognize you as it's master, and you will gain possession and use of it. Thus it is you, since you can break seals, who must do this. Now please, go forth, and find the Eight Maidens, I put my faith in you," and with that, the voice and light disappeared and you opened your eyes.

Realizing that you are currently inside a sealed coffin you reach out and touch the lid. Magic runes glow on the stone slab before it slides away to give you access to the outside world. As you emerge you're blinded by light reflecting off the walls of the building you've found yourself in. You recognize that all around the room are mirrors. Convenient, you were wondering what you looked like. Staring at the walls, you check out your figure. You're quite tall, at least you think so. It's hard to explain why, but you seem to know an incredible amount about the world, despite having just woken up. According to your estimation, you're about 195 cm tall. Your shoulders are very wide, and all your visible muscles are large and refined. Most remarkable, perhaps, is your skin tone. It's clear based on sight that you are not human. Your skin is stone gray, contrasting your long white hair. Despite it's stony appearance, however, your skin is smoother than silk. As you run your hands over your body you notice some other things. First of all, you have a vaguely heart shaped rune above where a human's heart would be located. It's safe to assume that this rune is what gave you life. Secondly, you lack any hair on your body except the long white mane on your head reaching down to your hips. Lastly, you examine your... equipment. Your flaccid penis is about 13 cm long and 10 cm around.

Emperor Rezinalt really took care in crafting it so it seems. You wrap one of your large hands around it and begin to stroke. I wonder if... it really works like a human penis does, you think to yourself. Sure enough it begins to grow and grow until it reaches it's full length at 26 cm long and 25 cm around. It certainly is impressive to say the least, at least by human standards. Although you want to stop, you begin to realize your long slumber has left you extremely horny you begin pumping faster and faster. Looking down, something else catches your eye. It had probably been there before, but you never noticed the second rune on your body. A vaguely spiral shaped symbol, it's written directly on your dick head, probably to be used to break people's sex seals. Before you have time to ponder this prospect any longer you reach your own climax. You fire off your load into your former tomb with a loud moan. Although you launched enough semen to create a sizable puddle in the coffin, your dick is still extremely rock hard. It seems like just masturbation alone won't be enough to satiate your lust. Perhaps you should go find the first Maiden to help you with this dilemma . As you think about this you hear slow, careful steps coming from behind you. Turning around you find that there is a hallway leading directly outside. What really catches your attention, however, is the beautiful blonde teenager dressed in a blue dress and white apron who seems to be trying to sneak away.

She looks back for a split second and sees you. "Eep!" she cries out in an adorably high pitched voice. You can tell she's not fully mature, but physically she could pass for an adult. Her breasts are what you believe would be considered D Cup and her bottom is nicely rounded. She stands at around 165 cm and her figure is extremely curvy. In a panic the girl dives behind the pillar, as if a pillar would prevent you from doing anything to her. With your homunculus body and magical strength, you could tear the pillars in half, or tear her in half for that matter. Still, do you really want to harm this girl? She might prove helpful in your quest for the maidens. Or you could just leave her and go off by yourself.

Do you:

Name: ???
Status Naked and Horny Equipment:


Abilities Sex Seal Breaking
Chapter Prologue
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