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Hey, SkylaTruffles here, the author of Kemonomimi Academy (hey, that's what you're reading right now!). Just in case you didn't notice the pathetic page count upon navigating here from the Adult Stories page, let me hammer it harder into your head: this story is nowhere near completion. In fact, it's in such early stages that I wouldn't even say this is worth reading yet. Progress will proceed at a moderate-to-slow rate, and I predict that it will take a while before I actually start to write anything erotic. I'll also remind everyone that this is a Private story, meaning that no one else is allowed to edit it (except for the staff here, of course, should they find my content to be offensive). However, if you insist on wanting to offer a role in this story's development, I suppose you can message me with ideas, which I may or may not take into consideration when writing. Call me stringent, but I simply want to develop this story on my own for the most part. But, all that aside, enjoy if you can!

Due to your outstanding marks and self-professed love for animals, you've miraculously been accepted as the first human student at Kemonomimi Academy! Here, you'll be studying to become a veterinarian alongside those who know the trade best: animals themselves! Well, technically they're human/animal hybrids, but the similarities are closer than you think!

So far, you've spent a week at this prestigious academy, and you've enjoyed yourself quite a lot. The place is beautiful, all of your lectures have been engrossing, and your dorm is arguably comfier than your room back at home.

But here's the kicker...due to a predominant adoption of kemonomimi traits in the female gender, a staggering 95% of all the students at this school are girls...and almost all of them are incredibly cute and sexy!

Though you didn't want to be regarded as a desperate pervert at this school, seeing as you're new and a human, it was still really tough to avoid copping glances at all the cute animal girls here...and after only a week, you've set your sights on four girls in particular.

Kristen, the cat-girl, or nekomimi. She's a clear bookworm by nature, always sitting at the front during your lectures (allowing you to frequently gaze at her without her knowing), and soaking up information like a sponge. She seems quite reserved, though you can tell by the constant gleam in her emerald-coloured eyes that she has a playful side. She has a delicate figure, with curves that don't disappoint, along with a long, black cat tail and pointy ears that compliment her straight, black hair.

Rosie, the dog-girl, or inumimi. The apathetic chatterbox of the four; you often notice her loafing off in the cafeteria or at the back of your lectures. She acts rather defiant to those she doesn't know or care for, though she shows kindness and even obedience to those she respects. She's the shortest of the four, yet in comparison, she has the largest breasts, drawing a clandestine stare from you whenever she passes. She has shoulder-length, mousey brown hair, which perfectly matches her floppy ears and bushy tail.

Amelia, the bunny-girl, or usagimimi. The enthusiastic, sporty type, almost never seen outside of lectures without some kind of ball. She's quite cheerful to her teammates and friends, though rather bashful in one-on-one conversation. You occasionally take the time to watch her play...though part of this is due to the near unfathomably perfect way her gym shorts wrap around her ample rump, made even better by the fluffy, white tail sticking out from the top. Her droopy white bunny ears complete the image, set atop chocolate brown hair frequently tied in a ponytail.

Lucia, the fox-girl, or kitsunemimi. Graceful, generous, and an idol to pretty much everyone in the school. Her popularity makes her a tough target, though she seems to be interested in you, primarily due to you being a human. Perhaps you can interest her in more than just your species! She has a tall, slender figure, with thighs that could force even the most strong-willed of men to take a second glance at. She has flowing, scarlet hair, with pointy ears and a long, extremely furry tail.

Now comes week two. Your lectures are all finished, and you think you're ready to approach one of these women. The only problem now is...where should you go to find them?

Stats & Affinity
Position Human Student Affinity:


Status Healthy
Location School Grounds
Personality Neutral

Stat Explanations

Position: Your current position within the academy.

Status: Your physical condition.

Location: Your current location.

Personality: How others regard you in a certain moment (this can change in ways you don't expect).

Affinity: Your bonds and relationships with others. Depending on how you act, you can either be loved, hated or anywhere in between by those around you.

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