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You're hot and horny and borrow your husband's laptop to watch porn. There's the usual: tight teens blasted by BBCs, gloryhole sluts, natural redheads... but you notice an extensive search history of guys sharing their wives and girlfriends with other men. The husband jacks off then joins in as the woman rides his friends. Or maybe she goes out and meets a guy at a laundromat and texts him a picture of her mouth full of dick. Essentially, she gets to cheat so long as he gets to watch.

They're called "hotwives." You weren't all that familiar with the term and you definitely hadn't known it was such a turn on for your husband.

Not thinking too much of it, you ask him about it. He's embarrassed at first. But slowly starts to reveal to you his true fantasy: he pictures you as a slut. An honest-to-god, cumdumpster slut, naked on all fours, begging a stranger to stretch out your married cunt... and your virgin ass... and then fuck your pretty face before he showers it in cum.

After a somewhat awkward discussion, he asks you to consider it.

You say:

Absolutely not!

Um... I guess we could try it

Yes! I love that idea! Can we invite your friends over?

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