Horny High School

From Create Your Own Story

You are 18 year old James. You are in your senior year of high school, and plan on spending the year doing nothing but partying, drinking, and fucking as many girls as possible. Ha. Yeah right. You're kind of nerdy, but don't even pull that good of grades. You don't have many friends, aren't good in sports, and you haven't even kissed a girl yet. You are horny all the time and jerk off usually twice a day. You live at home with your parents, and two sisters. Jackson, your dad, is 46, and a CEO of a huge international company. He is only around a couple days a month before he has to leave and go on another business trip. Your mom, Leanna, is 42, but you could never tell by looking at her. She is 5' 9 and has long red hair, deep blue eyes, and a perfect hour glass body. Every once in a while, you catch yourself thinking about those gorgeous DDD tits and her beautiful ass, but shove the thoughts out of your mind, because that's creepy and wrong, isn't it?

Your older sister, Anna, is 22. She is in her senior year of college, and you don't know if she has learned much of anything in college. From all you can see, when she is at school she is just running around in skimpy clothes, getting drunk and hanging around at frat parties. She spends about half of her week living on campus, but comes home for the other half. When she is home, she works the afternoon shifts at the local diner. She made sure to get the shortest skirt and tightest uniform she could find, and loves to show herself off at work. She is 5'6 and has brunette hair that goes to the middle of her back. She has that perfectly balanced body, with nice 34C tits and a tight little ass that any guy would dream of fucking.

Your twin sister, Monicka, is 18 just like you. Up until the second year of high school, you were best friends and did everything together. The last two years, you aren't quite as close, but still spend a good amount of time together when you are both home. She has long red hair, like your mother, but smaller tits that are still filling in, 32B to be exact. You have had some increasingly weird moments around your sister lately, sexual in nature. You find yourself thinking of her, physically. Or you catch her staring at your dick at random times. Something odd is definitely building, but you have no idea what. It all seems too odd.

It is Monday morning, and you have to go to school. There are two showers in the house, and four people fighting for access. You know your mom likes to wake up early and shower downstairs, while it seems like Monika and Anna split the showers later in the morning. You don't know which of them will be where, just that it will they usually go in after your mother. You decide to wake up...

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