His Gay Life

From Create Your Own Story

This is primarily a gay story involving homosexual male characters. However some bisexual encounters may occur. You have been warned!

You are an attractive seventeen year old boy. Many would even call you a stud. You are just under six feet tall and have a perfectly muscled and well shaped body with your most prized organ, your cock, measuring around 7 inches with a decent thickness. While many your age may still be virgins, you most definitely aren't, and you've gotten few complaints either. Your sexual prowess has given you a bit of a cocky side, as even the straight boys you've bothered to go after have always come back begging for more. Of cours-

Beep, beep, beep... BEEP. BEEEP. BEEEP.

Fuck! You think to yourself as you scramble out of bed trying to get your head back from your daydreams. Deciding to lie in bed for your third alarm to ring today was not a good idea after all, you feel no better than you did the first time it woke you up. You glance at the clock and try to decide your next course of action.

Do You:

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