High School: Mind Control

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Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story should be attempted, as it may be dangerous or illegal. All characters in this story who are involved in sexual activity should be assumed to be of legal age. If you have any issies with the materal, or suggestions for content. Please contact me Dusk

Running late for school, you book it out the door. The bus stop is in sight, you're almost out of breath as the large yellow vehicle pulls off. "Stop!" You scream at the top of your lungs. Sudenly the world seems to stop. A woman who was walking her dog to the left of you is frozen in place, her dog not moving a muscle either. "Did I freeze time?" You wonder to yourself, then a bird falls from the sky. You notice a sprinkler still going, and you can hear traffic 2 blocks over.

You walk up to the bus, everyone inside frozen in place, the driver's face stuck looking back where you we're standing.

"Wait," you think out loud, "open the door." The bus driver does as you command. You can control people! You better test this theory a little more before doing anything brash.

"Everyone, go again!" you scream out the bus window, louder than before incase someone doesn't hear you and is stuck frozen. Just like that things return to normal. Everyone on the bus looks at you confused.

"Did you do that?" A cute girl you don't know asks you

"Everyone, forget that just happened." You say quickly to everyone on the bus. Then turning to the girl who just spoke to you, you say "Yes, that was me."

She looks at you weirdly and says, "What? Whatever weirdo."

It worked... you have the power to control people, this is amazing!

What do you do now?

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