High School: A new beginning

From Create Your Own Story

On a usual morning, you wake up feeling slightly dizzy. You spend a few minutes realizing who you are: A 16 year old boy. Quite tall (6 feet 4 inches) but no other notable qualities.You have a major test for Precalculus, you were studying for it for hours and if you miss it, you will fail the class and have to retake it in summer. You sit up on your bed, and as you look at the small drawer on the right, you see your glasses. Even though your parents disagreed, you wanted a change and got contact lenses. You pull out the drawers, and put on your contact lenses - now you see everything perfectly. You then stare into the mirror: sky blue eyes, which - now that you don't wear those damn glasses - are very gorgeous. You smile as you're happy with the decision to switch to lenses. But then, you have school today. You wash your face, your teeth, get dressed, grab some pocket money, pack your books and off you go to school.

Do you:

or: *~Ask your neighbor for a ride

or:*~Go by Underground Rail

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