Heir Apparent

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Palace Ausdauer: Royal Chambers

November 23, 1547 lll Status: wearing a regal gown

Warning: Heir Apparent will contain primarily non-consensual interactions. If this is not your cup of tea turn back now!

This is the day Nora, your first session in court. You are the heir apparent, first in line to the throne, of the dying King Elric XI. At age 92, and blighted with illness, he is moments from dying. Having had no children for most of his life, he desperately tried for one at a beleaguered age. To his surprise he was still capable, but to his dismay it was a girl. However, an heir is an heir, and he named you next in line to the throne at your birth. Last week he was nearing incapability, and named you acting monarch, to attend to your duties immediately. A day later he could no longer speak.

From this day onward you are no longer Nora von Ravenwald the 19-year-old princess, but Elenora the First, Queen of Joslund. Your task is great, and the Kingdom of Joslund's situation is dire. You fear this first session will be one full of snares and pitfalls.

Should you check to make sure your appearance is proper before heading out into the Great Hall?

Do you:

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