Harry Potter as a Girl

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Harry Potter hunch over his wooden desk in his aunt and uncle's house. He sat in the smallest bedroom of the Dursleys home, adding the last ingredients to his silver cauldron.

Harry's little monster inside his pants been yearning to see his best friend, Ron, little sister naked for a long time. He clench a few small locks of Ginny red hair in his hand. Ready to drop it down inside of his bubbling cauldron.

Harry didn't want to act on his impulse of asking Ginny out. But he did want to see her hot tight body, even though he would be transforming into her instead of charming Ginny out of her clothes. This way is easier, Harry thought.

Ever since glimpsing Ginny dancing around the pitch during their fortunate victory of the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor. He wanted to fuck her brains out. Harry pervy thoughts of bending Ginny over, then fucking her in the living quarters in front of the entire house waning in his mind.

He throw those thoughts away and is now focusing on the potion in front of him. He grins with happiness that this potion is succeeding along adequately. He knew Snape would hate to see Harry brewing this recipe. The potion master is always trying to humiliate Harry. Ever since day one of school when he berated him in front of the students of Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Harry thought about adding an extra ingredient to his polyjuice draft, which could make the potion last a little longer. A being Ginny for a few extra hours making Harry pursue this. He desire to be in Ginny's body for more than twelve hours as he looks over at his final ingredients. All those hours of discovering Ginny sweetness would add more to Harry knowledge of women bodies. Still being a virgin on the chosen one mind.

Harry places the red hair down. He lifts a jar of petroleum Jelly and Hungarian horntail dragon scales. He wonders how these two ingredients could affect the lacewing flies, leeches, fluxweed, knotgrass, a powdered horn of a Bicorn, and shredded skin of a Boomslang. Harry shrug with the arrogance that Dumbledore would sort his mess out, if the potion went awry.

(Every character is above 18 years in this story)


Toss in the jelly and scales

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