Harry Potter Reality Bender

From Create Your Own Story

(All charicters in this book are of age evern if it says other wise. You play as 16 year old Harry Potter)

You were sneaking through the restricted section late one night under your invisibility cloak looking for something good when a small black book caught your eye. It was called the book of bending reality. Curiously you picked it up of the shelf and opened onto the first page it said that anyone who wrote in this book could change reality and will retain their memories. Everyone else they will only have memories of this new reality. You just had to test this, the posobilaty that it was real was too great of a change to miss.

You picked up the book and walked over to Librarian's desk and brought a quill and ink out before dipping his quill in ink and writing on the page 'Harry Potter has the perfect body'. all of a sudden you felt a shift as his clothes grew bigger and you did too he also felt a lot stronger. Your skinny frame was now bulkier and border. You had also grown to about six foot in height. It was then you realised that you were missing his glasses as they had fallen to the floor and yet you could see perfectly. Then you had brilliant idea you wrote'Harry Potter absorbed the power of this book and can bend reality just by thinking of what he wants'. You grinned he could have so much fun....

What dose he do first?

HPRB: Make Yourself superpowered

HPRB: Mess with Voldemort

Or go back to the start

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