Harry Potter: Master

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(This will start at the 4th year. There will be M/M, M/F, F/F, Threesomes, Orgies so be aware) You can edit if you like

Harry Potter sat on his bed, reading the History of Hogwarts for the seventh time over the years cause his Professor was the biggest bore on the planet.

Pain and Pleasure shot through him as he felt the familiar straining of his pants as his dick begged to be let loose. He'd been alright with this up until a couple of weeks ago where he just stayed naked in his room, this was ruined when Dudley walked in and saw his tool.

Let's just say the Dursleys weren't so happy about that.

His sexual side was really becoming a problem of late. He would fanasise about random things, some were good when he imagined fucking Hermione in the Library but it was the more violent 'episodes' that worried him more. They worried him because he had more pleasure masturbating to them. Fucking Ginny and Mrs Weasley as he strangled them both as they cried, or pushing his dick in Ron's arse when he was sleeping.


Harry shot awake as he had another filthy dream, this time about the Dursleys.

This is getting ridiculous

"Dobby" he whispered, hoping the elf could help.


Dobby appeared in front of him. Harry didn't realise how sexy the elf wa................No, that is way to sick, for even me

Harry quickly explained the situation to Dobby. Dobby seemed worried as he looked at Harry Potter who appeared to be stressed and at the same time glowing. The elf knew what this was and was hoping it wasn't true because it put the elf in a precarious position.

"Well Harry Potter" the elf rubbed his feet. "It sounds like you're the sqjedmflpkijfn" he switched to elvish to pronounce the word.


"It means Master of Sex. The Master of Sex is a myth but the elves know of them, floating through history, taking girls and exploring their sexuality"

"What exactly is the Master of Sex" Harry asked, both concerned and intrigued.

"Well, the Master of Sex or Master for short can command any one or thing. They can dominate their partner and submit to others. They can pretty much make anyone do anything. Their cum is talked of in legends. It is the thing that will turn any man, woman, creature into their slave forever"

"Fuck" Harry whispered.


Test on Petunia

Weasley Pickup

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