Harem Hunting

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Welcome to Harem Hunting! Here, you will be playing as an attracting man in his mid-20s. If that's not who you want to be, I'm sorry, but I just don't have time to make seperate storylines for different characters. Here is a description of your character:

JAMES TURNER - attractive man, 27ish yrs old, very sexually skilled. Your life goal is to create the ultimate harem- to 'collect' girls and convince them to get along with eachother and fall in love with you. You may want to collect as many girls as you can, or you may be satisfied with a small and sweet group. That is up to you.

There will be graphic descriptions of sex, so if that bothers you, well I'm surprised you read this far without realizing. There may also be violence or borderline pedophelia, I don't exactly have it all planned out... So yeah, don't be surprised if anything comes up. If there is pedophelia though, it will be like a guy in his twenties and a teenage girl, not a super old guy or a tiny child. So still illegal, but not completely disgusting. I do have morals. Anyway...


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