Halloween Weekend

From Create Your Own Story

You're a 17 year old guy, sitting in your room and watching porn on your laptop and being bored, imagining what it would be like to be popular and fuck all the girls you want. You are a loner with a small group of equally unpopular friends, all of which are waiting to finish high school and move on to the rest of your lives. This week though, it's Halloween weekend and your parents are out on vacation, not having been invited to any parties you are alone with your sisters.

Jessie is 19 years old, with an athletic body and medium sized tits and a firm ass. She is attending a local state college on a gymnastics scholarship.

Amber is 14 years old, she has a slim body with small, budding tits and a round ass. She hopes to follow Jessie's example, and studies gymnastics.

Sarah is 11 years old and she has a thin body with no tits, and a tiny, but cute, ass. She loves to play with Barbies, and loves all things girly.

You get bored of watching this blonde with large, fake tits, get fucked unenthusiastically, so you close the video and remove your headphones. Getting ready to fire up your favorite video game, you hear a commotion outside your window. It sounds like a group of people half whispering, and half yelling, to each other in excitement.

Do you:

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