Halloween Mansion Party

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The long journey is made bearable by the playful banter of some friends ready in their Halloween costumes, the warm and comfortable car helps too. The mansion's location is taking everybody far out from any settlement, but the reviews for this event are too promising to miss.

The massive, old stone mansion comes into view. The contorted face of the full moon casts a cold light upon the ancient building and it's long stretched gardens. People are parking up outside the huge, metal bar gates and making the long trek through the front gardens by foot. You and your excited friends leave the car that once sheltered and carried you through the tough elements of the night. Your group plunge themselves into the freezing cold air and walk through the intimidating, groaning gates. Your troop cling to coats and umbrellas against the biting breezes that pass through the gardens by night, protecting your costumes from ruination.

A glittery frost strangles at the tall grass and twisted yew trees. Holly trees with berries watch like red eyes in the dark, dead oaks appear to reach with claw-like branches. Ghostly white birch trees stand sentinel about the gardens, while ominous standing stones bring a hard tone to the scene.

The wind's whipping force dies suddenly as your gang reaches shelter before the grand-sized, dark, double doors to the Deadwake Mansion. Entering an immense, haunting mansion never felt so good as you join hundreds of partying people in the Entrance Hall alone. Men and women are dancing, chatting and feasting in either figure-hugging sexy costumes or grand, layered Halloween kits. The warmth of the crowd, the cozy furniture, the various pleasant and light deodorants and perfumes, candle lights everywhere working their charm and magic, tasty food tables and gorgeous drinks aplenty, and finally the background music that puts everyone in their zone. This event really did deserve those five star reviews.

Time flies as your group slowly mingle with the crowd, chatting and dancing, flirting and chilling. You feel that you might get lucky tonight with a costumed hottie as they wont leave you alone. They might even be long-term relationship material.

The grand clocks around the enormous mansion strike midnight and let out twelve harsh chimes. All the thousands of candles within the building blow out and you are plummeted into darkness. The music dies in a final maddening incoherent musical bar played. The chatter and banter falls as silent as a lonely grave. All might be alright if you could snuggle with your hottie right now, but you cannot feel them in the dark. You cannot feel anyone around you at all, only empty air. The vast void turns to a cold temperature that nibbles at your skin.

A single candle spontaneously relights, followed by another and another, one by one until the mammoth building is fully lit again. No one is here. No cups. No plates. No coats. Just yours.

From your lonesome position in the huge Entrance Hall, there are seven ways.

The howling wind can be heard from the big double-doors leading back out to the harsh gardens.

Instead of leaving, there are also two ways by the double doors. Left from the Entrance doors is a corridor that turns out of sight. Along this way, the floor holds a thin layer of sand and the sense of dry heat. Right from the Entrance doors is a similar corridor with primitive wall paintings of mammoths, sabertooths and figures with spears. You can smell the musky fur of animals.

Alternatively, a grand set of stairs at the back of the Entrance Hall splits in two. The left set of stairs has burns and scorch marks in the carpet and along the walls. There is a warm smell of ash. The right set of stairs are misty, not like the smoke of fire, but very cloud-like. You can smell relaxing scents of roses, chamomile and lavender.

Lastly to the keen eye, there are some more ways. Beneath the stairs are somewhat hidden corridors. The one leading left is riddled with spiderwebs and is thick with the musty smell of insects. The corridor to the right is littered with dead mice, birds and the carpet has been shredded in places. Oddly, you can smell fish.

Do you:

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