Halloween Horrors

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It was Halloween night in Evergreen, Massachusetts. Your town had had such a long history of witchcraft and spooky things that people took Halloween a little more seriously here. Everyone dressed up, even teenagers that would typically be 'too cool' to participate in the holiday. You're a typical teenage boy named Quinn Hutchinson and your family had lived in the area for generations. It was your senior year of high school and you just got invited to a Halloween party thrown by one of the local popular kids at their house. Well actually your older brother, Johnny Hutchinson, had gotten invited and let you tag along. Johnny came down from where he was going to college just for this party as it was usually a rager.

Downstairs your brother Johnny was already ready, dressed like William Wallace from Braveheart. Johnny's red-hair was pulled back into a man bun and he had a well kept beard now too. That along with his kilt and white shirt that showed off his muscly body was sure to get a lot of jealous looks from guys and longing looks from the girls. You had to keep from rolling your eyes, Johnny was always upstaging you but he meant well. Your parents were also downstairs getting your house ready for a Halloween party with their friends. Your mom, Julia, was dressed as tavern wench and making a bug bowl of punch while your dad was doing some last adjustments to the decorations.

"Decorations look great, dad." You said.

Your dad, Eliot, was dressed as a vampire and said "Fang you very much!" You and Johnny rolled your eyes at each other before he added, "Be back by 12 or you'll be grounded 6 feet under!"

Johnny added, "Go get your costume on, man. We don't want to be too late."

You dashed up to your room. You had not put a lot of thought into your costume, usually at these parties everyone wore some kind of costume but no one wanted to look like they were trying too hard. You were actually kind of proud of what you had come up with.

What's your costume:

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