Gymnastics Class

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(Please note that any resemblance to real world people with characters in these stories is entirely coincidental, the names are just the names i could think of while writing this, i do not meant to offend or plagiarize any people with these names in real life. Please do not edit this unless necessary, say in the case i break a rule by writing this.)

You stand outside a classroom door, waiting, are you nervous? Of course not, just, psyching yourself up, there is nothing beyond that door that can hurt you, but we all get a bit anxious at times. The reason you stand outside the door is a somewhat odd one, for you are now the Gymnastics teacher for this and a few other classes, but this was not an ideal choice, to say the least. The teacher who had worked as gymnastics teacher for many years had all of a sudden quit, and needing a replacement for the vacant position, the school sent out applications, and you got the job. However, it was not such a good time to swap teachers, for this class had been studying for a theory test on the muscles in the body. So you had now been put in charge of the test, of a class you did not know, so yes, you may be a bit nervous.

But let's get a bit meta first, who are you?:

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