Gravity Falls: Dipper's return

From Create Your Own Story

After a few years of living with his parents in Californa. Dipper returns to Gravity Falls to do more research on the weirdness that surrounds the town. What he dosen't know is that as he matured so did some of Gravity Fall's darker mysteries. For now Dipper simply dropped his suitcase down onto the floor of the familiar attic. It was still the only bedroom save Stan's old bedroom which currently belonged to Soos as the new owner of the mystery shack. Not much had changed since he was last here. Even the two twin beds where still there. Of course Dippper had grown so much he doubted he could comfortably fit on it anymore. He'd have to get a bigger one eventually. For now he was more focused on the mystery that had brought him here in the first place. He held a newspaper in his hands. It described a recent string of mysterious disappearances. Not much was known about how or why they disappeared just that they where all...




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