Grand Dynasty

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In the Holy Thyreon Empire, the Emperor, old in age and on the verge of death has put together his final bid for a suitable heir: An extensive competition to pit 12 contenders of the throne against each other. Only one may achieve total victory and the seat of the throne. Only those of the most eligible, educated, and well trained can even hope to compete.

All eyes will be on the contender's actions as scrying mirrors and other surveillance devices are placed along the Palace grounds. Doing certain things may sway one dynastic branch or government agency to your side. However, the opposite may also occur and alienating certain groups through unfavorable actions may cause them to actively work against you. Here is a list of possible allies and enemies you may gain from your actions:

Other, unofficial/unrecognized groups of interest may or may not exist with their own interests at heart.

Of course, all of these governmental groups are nigh useless without mentioning the illustrious Grand Emperor himself, and The Empire he founded.

Now that you've processed some of the inner workings of the competition, it's time to move on!

Character Selection

Basic Plot Planning

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