Glory Holes

From Create Your Own Story

                                        Author's Notes

You have walked into the hottest place ever, Glory Holes. This is a place where you can live out your fantasies. When you walk in, you are taken to a whit private room with a chair and a TV. As soon as you sit down the TV comes on.

"Welcome to Glory Holes where you can live out your sexual dreams for the right price! If you run out of money, then you can work for some more! Here at Glory Holes, we like to keep the identity of our workers and customers a secrete. This way your significant other wont find out, but we do have options for couples to do together. First, lets start with some paperwork!"

A piece of the wall, the size of a piece of paper, slides out with the paperwork and a pen...

Name:                                              Sex: Female  Male  Intersex

Gender:                                                       Sexuality:                                                                                    

Date: 4/5/2018

 I,                           , understand my identity and the identity of those around me are to be kept a secret.


I understand I am not permitted to give my information nor ask for others information.  My time spent at


Glory Holes is limited to the amount of money I have, and I have the ability to make more working for the


company.  If I break the rules, I understand I will be kicked out of the facility and my time will me over.

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