Girly Boy

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[This is still at a VERY EARLY stage of development. Will feature incest, bisexual, crossdressing. Doing the Mom and Big Sister at first, then I'll make other characters]

Welcome to my first story!

You are Josh Adams, a very feminine-looking boy of 13. You live in a big mansion along with your 44-year-old mother Gina and your sisters, Kelly and Serena, of 16 and 11.

For starters I suggest you to read the Character Sheets:

The birds are singing happily in this warm morning of May, the sun shines brightly and creeps through the curtains, waking you up. As you do, you freak up about not having heard the alarm. Then you realize it's a Sunday, and you can relax and lie there how much you want! So you let out a big yawn, rub your eyes and roll on the bed to lay on your back. In your groggy state, the first thing you notice is the tent your erection makes in the silky bedsheets. It happens a lot lately, but hey, who isn't like this at your age?

Still too sleepy to do anything you just lie there, trying to divert your attention from your horny cock. You look around the room, thinking about the videogames and anime depicted in the various posters against the walls, or what to do today, or what the next week in school would be like... but to no avail, your groin still aches. Rolling back on your tummy doesn't help, it's even worse because of the friction your cotton panties makes with the silky-covered mattress. You think about masturbating right there, but Mom and the sisters are home and can walk in every moment. It's happened before, so it isn't such a big deal in the end, but you try to fight it nonetheless.

Some minutes pass, your cock is never subsiding, and just as you let your resolve slip for a moment, sexy images appear and swirl in your head. You close your eyes and see hot bodies of both genders, entwined together in several ways: since discovering porn one and a half years ago you've known the basics of sex, and you recall familiar scenes that impressed you. Your erection responds by swelling up even more, sending a bolt of pleasure through your loins; you begin to move slowly, rubbing yourself on the bed, and a big dollop of precum appears on the tip and wets the panties, making it even more pleasurable. Will you be able to resist?

You decide to:

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