Generic Fantasy: The Erotic Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

Amoridan is a vast and expansive realm, steeped in long history and rich traditions. Magic seems to ooze from every corner of the world, birthing from it a wide variety of creatures and races. Humans, intrepid explorers, inquisitive, and gifted with an ability to adapt and learn beyond any expectations; Elves, ancient and proud warriors famed for their elegant metalwork and graceful fighting; and Succubi, demon-like mages whose males are horse-like beasts of burden. Centaurs, merfolk, fairies, minotaurs, goblins, and many other creatures of fantasy also exist here, but those three form the major races of the world.

Your story begins...

You awaken with a jolt, your body aching all over. You check yourself over, your first order of business. You find you've been bandaged up, your right arm and leg apparently having been injured, but you don't feel too badly beat up otherwise, mostly just tired. You roll over and find yourself amongst sparse wreckage, parts of the boat you had chartered. Little is intact, the content of crates scattered around haphazardly, buried in sand. You find a hand mirror with the glass still partially in the frame and look at your face.

Are you a male?

Or are you a female?

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