Gay Vacation

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Welcome to Gay vacation.

You are Ben, a 19 year old college student. Brown short hair , blue eyes , handsome & and in good shape.

It’s summer Vacation and you’re off to the tropical paradise of lujuria Island.

But for you, it’s not a holiday …

You have been been offered a summer job at the Islands 5 star luxury you will be working too.

You couldn't pass up the offer to work in such an amazing place and plus you can also live it up on the island when you’re not on the clock.

After the lengthy plane journey landing in main land you are now a bored a boat travelling to the remote lujuria Island. Waves slash against the side of the small boat and the water sparkles as the hot morning sun reflects off the clear blue sea. You sit calmly taking it all in as you hold the handle of your large suitcase firmly to stop it from falling over from the motion of the swaying boat.

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Then you see it on the horizon ’the island lujuria’ a remote tropical island with the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. The island has a few rustic bars and fishing boats dotted along the coastline to the right on the other side you can make out the outline of a large building poking out between the large palm trees.

The boat soon makes its way to the dock and you step off on to the wood boards. The warm breeze feels amazing against your skin and the calming sounds of the waves meets the clear white sandy beaches it’s suddenly interrupted by a large THUD !

‘YOUR LUGGAGE!’ Yells the boat captain . He has thrown your large suitcase off the side of boat on to the dock beside you. You had totally forgotten about it as you stepped of the boat and began to take I the views.

The boat captain tuts, you feel slightly embarrassed in front of the other handful of passengers that are disembarking the boat.

Do you

snap at him for being rude


say nothing and pick up your luggage

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