Gay Teacher Adventure

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You're Mr Joseph Williams, 27 year old from the US. Quite accomplished in life with many degrees, certificates and scholars. You work as a teacher in Cathsworth High, a male-only school known for their high amount of gay students. You live alone though, but have secret crushes on your student. You're quite buff, with most of the teachers and students know that you're gay. You have many crushes from your students or fellow colleagues. The main students and teacher you should know are:

Daniel Davis, an adopted child, adopted by Mr Marshall Davis. He treats Mr William as an older brother, and has a frienemy relationship with Kyle. He either frequents Mr William's Office, or the Swimming Pool and usually hangs out with Kyle.

Age: 15, Sophomore

Type of Student: Straight-B Jock, likes to Swim.

Body Size: Average Tan, Buff, Stud. Dick is 15cm (6") when erected.

Appearance: Likes to wear a singlet, shorts and jockstrap. Has Spiky, blonde hair.

Aqmal Tukashna, a troubled foreign kid who is regularly bullied since young due to being different from the other kids. He is protected by Daniel (and sometimes Kyle) when others bully him, thus he felt something for Daniel but he dismiss the thought. He frequents the library and spend his time with the other nerds and geeks.

Age: 14, Freshman

Type of Student: Straight-A Nerd, likes to study and gain knowledge

Body Size: Dark Tan, Scrawny/Skinny. Dick is 13cm (5") when erected.

Appearance: Likes to wear game t-shirts, jeans and boxers. Has Neat, black hair.

Kyle Tristan, a rich child who doesn't feel love from his parents due to their work. He spends most of his time outside although his friends likes to go his house. He respects Mr Johnson very much due to the fact that Mr Johnson understands him and his problem as he has experienced it before. He either frequents Mr Johnson's office or accompany Daniel and goes to Mr William's office.

Age: 15, Sophomore

Type of Student: Straight-C Prep, likes to play football

Body Size: White, Buff. Dick is 15cm (6") when erected

Appearance: Likes to wear in-fashioned clothes. Has straight, blue hair.

Mr Derrick Johnson, a non-blood related brother to Mr William. He, like Kyle, was ignored by his parents and was bullied as a child, however the only difference was that he was poor while Kyle was rich. He became suicidal and still is although Mr William regularly try to get him over it. He feels the need to be a father figure to Kyle as he knew that Kyle shouldn't feel the same as he did when he was young.

Age: 32, Teacher

Type of Teacher: Teaches Chemistry, Physics. Likes to exercise

Bodysize: White, Macho. Dick is 20cm (8") when erected.

Appearance: Likes to wear button-down shirts with jeans. Has Brown, straight hair.

Mr Joseph Williams, a Handsome and Smart teacher. He obtained his bachelors at the age of 25 and started his career on the same year. He lived in poverty but managed to work his way to get is degrees and bachelor. He likes to tease his students and is the most comfortable teacher to talk to when facing a problem.

Age: 29, Teacher.

Type of Teacher: Teaches English, Physical Education

Bodysize: Average Tan, Macho. Dick is 22cm (8.5") when erected

Appearance: Likes to wear button-down shirts with jeans. Has black, curly hair.

Start Of Story

You wake up in an early morning, feeling your morning wood. You look at the clock, which states a green '4.00 A.M' in L.E.D. "2 more hours, I can still jerk it and have time to go to school" You thought to yourself. While jerking, who do you think of?




Mr Johnson

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