Gay Step-Dad

From Create Your Own Story

Your name's Chris Jones, your a 40 year old man, with a new wife Gwen Stevens-Jones, 42. Your good looks and charm made her fall in love with you within a year you were married and living in her unbelievable Beverley Hills mansion. Unbeknownst to Gwen, you only married her for her money, it's not that she isn't attractive far from it actually even by California standards, it's just she isn't what attracts you. You've developed a penchant for teenage boys, ripe for the fucking, you've always been Gay but as you got older the hot guys got younger and they instantly had this boy toy aura about them.

As well as this you are also a massive pervert and will do anything to get off... ANYTHING.

-GSD- Begin this Sordid Tale

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