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I'm a freshman 14 year old in a private school. I'm 5'10, roughly 180lbs, brown hair, and green eyes. I'm not really into sports or athletic stuff but I do work out to keep in shape. My name is Andy Julock and I'm just as horny as many other guys my age but... until now, I haven't really thought about being gay. The subtle hints in my loins began when I was in eighth grade and saw the boys in my grade practically naked in the locker rooms. By ninth grade, I'd come home and jerk off to the thought of the hard nips, soft dicks, and white cheeks. I'd actually just finished PE later than normal from losing a basketball game on a team of girls because there were was one boy more than the girls. I volunteered hoping the don't hurt girls clause was unaffected... I was so wrong. Anyway, I had to run laps with the girls as aggreed for losing, and I walked into the locker room to change. There, before me was a stud of many dreams, Cagney. He had good features and that went beyond his face. He was a jock, about an inch or two shorter, full abs, and many more tight muscles that I could spend hours describing. More visible to my dirty mind was his nakedness. He turned around to see me frozen in place. "Well, if it isnt the boy wonder?" He said playfully with a smile. He traced my observed my wandering eyes that were taking in all his sexy features. He grabbed his semi hard dick and rubbed his chest with the other, "Ah? So you do like guys... you like the guy infront of you atleast?" HE said smirking. I simply nodded not thinking of the many cans of worms I'd just released upon myself. "Alright then, lock the door and come here. You are either gone fuck my ass agape or I'm gonna fuck the living daylights out of you! Which do you want?"

Get naked and have your first ass?

Get naked and bend over for Cagney's cock?

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