Gay Academy

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This story is organized by the letter number points before each choice. Just to make it easier to remember how far along you are on the route you picked. There are many choices in the category page, as most have a corresponding version marked on the main route.

This story is intended for adult men 18 years and older. Please turn back if you are under the legal age. This is pure fantasy featuring unsafe sex practice and non-consensual sex. If you have difficulty distinguishing such, please turn back now and/or find help to not reenact anything written here

Welcome to the elite Gay Academy, a place for young boys and athletic men come together, hidden away from the rest of the world on a remote island. This is the academy where men and boys lose all boundaries and shed every inhibition (and articles of clothing) on their bodies. The Headmaster and Founder of the Academy Richard Philips wanted a school that taught the traditional courses in a new light, mixing together learning with the natural libido of men for incentive.

The school has a uniform policy not based on grade, but on rank. Some men are naturally more powerful and imposing than others, so there's a list of things the students must wear. If you're a weak boy or a natural bottom, you wear a collar around your neck for the higher ranking students and teachers to do what they please. This usually goes on the freshman twinks that get here, they rarely get the chance to grow in the ranks.

Next are the versatiles. They usually go around wearing scarfs around their necks. Those are the guys that passed the initiation test. They're given the privileges of the tops while they're allowed take all the dick they want.

Finally are the tops. These are the men that strut around to get what ever they want. While most of the time the bottoms worship the muscle bound men, what they want doesn't matter to the tops. If a top wants someone's ass, they get it. There happens to be a few hundred more tops and versatiles than bottoms in this school when you think about. You're not entirely sure as to why that is.

The staff has their own dress-code with the majority of them wearing a harness around their packed chest. Nearly every adult's a muscled man and they're allowed to choose whatever position they want with fellow faculty or the students.

You yourself are a Vers-Top, who got into this academy with a scholarship for your Rugby skills. You have a wide frame with chiseled muscles for everyone to see. You tower over every other student at 6 Ft, even as a sophomore. But what makes you the most popular is your 10 inch thick cock, gushing loads and higher than normal libido. You're a cocky guy, but you have every right to be. Some twinks at lunch would do anything to have a taste, lying down on a table while five freshman lick your hairless athletic body.

You have a boyfriend named Marko, a guy in your homeroom class that you met when he came out of detention with a student bent over the desk. He's the same height as you with a cock thicker than yours but slightly shorter. He has a hairy chest of black hair that glistens from sweat. You remember how cocky he was walking out the door, eyeing you down and getting you to suck his cock. A pure top with a kink for rough fucking, it felt like love from there on. He's hosting a hazing at his dorm for new members later today, might be fun to join in.

You're also sharing a dorm with a guy named Ben. He's a versatile brunette twunk and member of the swim team. He's known for being a slut for a good bukakke party in the locker rooms. He's more of a bottom so he loves it when you invite Marko over to spit roast him.

You're currently lying in bed, naked and hard over the covers. Feeling horny as fuck, you have a decent amount of things you could do right now.

You've got classes today. Art, Drama, PE and Domination. Learning might not be your thing, but the classes get raunchy in seconds.

Looking over to the right, you could see that Ben's got a tent pitched under his sheets. Maybe you could have fun taking care of your morning woods?

Exploring the grounds could be fun too. With the constant sex everywhere, the faculty doesn't care about students skipping classes a lot of the time. If it's learning about fucking and sucking, it's all good to them. Honestly there's quite a few things to do on the campus alone.

You think you'll...

Route A: Go to class today.

Route B: Walk over to Ben.

Route C: Explore the Grounds.

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