Gauntlet Legacy

From Create Your Own Story

It is the year 3381 ,on the lonely planet of Aurelius, a small moon accompanying her around its star. The planet is near abandoned by its population, as after years of rays of the sun, along with a decayed ozone layer, resulted in most of the world becoming a barren desert. There are still a few minor settlements on the planet, protected by large energy shields left behind by passing spacers, many years ago. The citizens of this place survive by trade with the few commercial ships that pass through the system, as well as through prospecting (read; scavenging) through the wreckage of forgotten wrecks and ancient temples from thousands of years ago.

You are one such citizen, the young daughter of a merchant, who dreams of more than small spaceport of Oasis, named as such for being the only settlement within 300 kilometres in any direction.

What will you choose for your life though? Will you stay on your planet, discovering ancient relics and forgotten treasures, or shall you perhaps join the stars and experience the wonders of the galaxy? Or maybe you will choose an entirely different path...

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