Game of Lust

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 Note: Please note that this story is purely fictional. 

Dear [Name],
Welcome to the Game of Lust, Participant 169!
You have been chosen by The Offices of Lust to participate in the first ever Game of Lust! Congratulations! The Game of Lust in an yearly event in which 500 participants are chosen to complete in games. As you can assume from the word, Lust. These games are love and sexually related. It might require you to convince someone to have sex with you or convice them to strip or it might require you to run around naked! An variety of games will be included in these games. But why would you ever want to join these games? Obviously, for the pleasure but also for the money. Correct, for each completed game, you will recieve money. However if you lose a game, you will lose money and be subject to an punishment. Ah. To start the game off, we have deposited £1000 into your bank account. This is in a seperate account called your Lust Account. This acts as a normal bank account and you may use this money any way you wish. However, once it reaches £0, your money will start to decrease in your actual bank account. Well, you don't want that to reach zero. Do you? Aha. How exactly would we have access to your bank account? That, is a secret.

The games will come through the post, like this letter. And if you believe that you can tell the police about us. Well you are wrong. Both bank accounts will fall to 0 and well it just won't work. Anyway, Good luck Numbr 169!

The Offices of Lust

Are you?

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