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Welcome to Game Over Fantasy. As a disclaimer, game over fantasy will contain alot of hardcore, bestiality, rape, brutal sex, forced breeding and mind-break made against both male and female characters. If you do not apreciate those, I would advise you against reading. I will not specify character ages but assume that at their youngest, each characters are legal of age and adults. While I welcome additional content and am open to contributions, I would apreciate you did NOT include death, dismemberement and other such gore content that is common with this theme.

Stories will follow a simple structures. Choose a character and choose a region. Feel free to add character options. Each regions contains encounter with creatures, monsters and traps. Each regions are unique to each character and should have a specific name to identify it. Regions will gives hints of the kind of encounter you can make there but are not exclusives(You can encounter an undead in a regions that did not say there were undead there) If a character finish a region, he can go to another one. If a character fails, he gets game over. I will likely leave game over page open-ended if someone wants to continue elaborating on them.

Characters will more often fight the opposite sex but this is not a rule per se. I just ask that you make your own encounter and not change an existing one. (Respect other people's edit)

Welcome to Game Over fantasy ! In this story, you will take the role of a brave adventurer or adventuress as they venture forth into wild untamed regions and encounter dangerous monsters. If you beat monsters, you can progress through the regions. If you don't... well Game Over.

Choose a characters :

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