A lust for cock

From Create Your Own Story

It's a nice, warm summer evening. You're home along, so obviously you're watching porn with the volume up. You're checking out a few straight movies online, the categories differ. Cumshots, huge dicks, gangbangs... and a few sissy hypno's. You feel like you're getting close to cumming, and it's going to be a huge one. Your mind is racing, barely noticing the porn but lost in a fantasy of your own. You dream of being slave to a big, juicy cock. In your mind, you're sucking it, licking it, feeling it down your throat. You want to pleasure that cock, make it cum. You want to feel the humiliation as a strong man calls you a slut while you feel his cum land on your face. You want to taste his cum on your tongue, play with it, swallow it while you look him in the eye like a good little whore. You even fantasise about being fucked in the ass...

You're stroking your hard cock faster and faster, breathing heavily. The voice in the sissy hypno orders you to get a shot class to cum in, and starts a slow, teasing countdown to the moment when you're allowed to shoot your load.

Do you:

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