A girl on girl MY FIRST TIME

From Create Your Own Story

You just won thirty million dollars. You're a single woman, with no family and you grew tired of spending money alone. No one in the town where you live liked you until you won some money. You decide to take a road trip to a new town. The idea is to drive about one hundred miles in any direction and find new friends and a better place to live. About eighty nine miles into your trip you come across a huge party in the street you need to cross. You park your car in a large open lot and get out to see what the fuss is about. Almost instantly you are surrounded by the nicest and sexiest women you ever saw in your life.

"Hi i'm Cassy," the busty brunette says.

A redhead with thick thighs introduces herself as Breanna.

Another girl, Adrea who has an ass like a porn star, smiles and shakes your hand.

You introduce yourself and the girls explain that the party is a town tradition. Every year the town picks the sexiest girl to be crowned Miss Hot As Hell. The two runner-up girls also get a crown. You ask who the winners were and the girls say together, "You're looking at them." You take a look down at your own average C size breasts and pull at a lock of your twisted, overly curly hair, wishing you could be so lucky. You explain your situation and all three of the girls want you to stick around. They all want to have you stay the night with them.

Which girl will you sleep over with?

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