A girl's life

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This is a story about a Yr12 lesbian slut in high school.

Essential information

Name: Kiki Laklen

Age: 18

Dream Job:

Body: dark gray and red hair. Tight ass. Small breasts. 4ft

Past: Four years ago your mother became a lesbian and your farther divorced her. Since you liked the life style you stayed with your mother. School had just started and your mother married another lesbian named Heather. Heather was a nudist and you adjusted to the new life style quickly and so did your best friend Karen. On your 18th birthday, both of your cherries were popped by your step mother and in a month you became know as the schools lesbian sluts in the girls school.

And the story begins

You wake up feeling wet and remember that you fell asleep during one of your normal sexual activities and realize you are still naked. You are about to masturbate but remember that it's Monday and go to take a shower and get dressed. You walk down stairs and see your mother and Heather going straight each other like normal. when she heard you hit the bottom of the stairs she stopped what she was doing and said "morning" but moaned once in awhile since Heather hadn't.

"Morning mom you." reply.

"Want to join us ohh fuck yes right there?" she asks moaning.

"Sorry i wish a could but I have school remember." you explain.

"Well want me to take you to school then?" your mother asks a little disappointed pushing heather away slightly.

you say:

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