A Teenager's Life

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Being a teenager is hard, especially when you've been kicked out of home, sent to a boarding school in an unknown land, or sold to a sadistic prince in another dimension! Follow the stories of different girls with different situations as they make choices that can alter their lives dramatically, or only slightly.

Play as a young naive high-schooler or an outgoing party girl, its up to you!

Female Characters and Introductions:

  • Play as Wren , a 16 year old girl currently living rough after being kicked out by her abusive mother- Third Person.
  • Play as Madison , an 18 year old girl in her last year of high school- Second Person.
  • Play as Rose , a 15 year old girl working illegally in a brothel to pay off a dept to a drug lord left by her family after a terrible car crash-Second Person.
  • Play as Arianna , a 17 year old girl sold to a prince in another world- Third Person.
  • Play as Eva , a 14 year old girl living with her uncle and brother currently attending high-school- Second Person.
  • Play as Effy , a 19 year old girl with a dark secret- Third Person.
  • Play as Kayla , a 17 year old slut who'll basically open her legs up to anybody- Second Person.

Authors Notes

  • This is a new story so there will probably be a lot of changes along the way.
  • This is a private story so please don't add or edit anything.
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